Donnie Solomon The originator of the site.

I purchased this car new in July 1972 for $2982. The car was a 304 V8, automatic. It was Trans-am red with white stripes and black interior. The photographs are not great, but they are the only photos I have of my 1972 Gremlin X.


Randy Sizemore  Gremlin Lover and Designer of the site

Needing transportation for my first year of college, I purchased my first Gremlin from a neighbor in 1986… Drove it for just over a year and 24,000 trouble free miles, then sold the car for more than I paid for it.  My father restored cars as a hobby and some of my best childhood memories were working with him.  After graduating joining the professional world in Atlanta, I realized that I wanted to  have a project of my own… The Gremlin was a great fit for my budget and confidence in my own abilities.  I remember telling a friend.  If I screw it up, nobody will care.