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DIY AMC Gremlin X Steering Wheel Restoration

Gremlin X steering wheel restoration project: Learn how we gave new life to our old, dirty and well loved Gremlin X steering wheel. We’ll take you through the process, share some helpful tips and include links to our favorite tutorials on the web.

AMC Transmissions

AMC MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS MODEL TYPE ENGINES USED WITH YEARS T-96 3spd non-sync. 196/199/232 ’60-’70 T-96J 3spd non-sync. 232 ’67, 70-’72 T-86/90 3spd non-sync. 196/199/232/287/290 ’50-’67 T-85/89 3spd non-sync. 250/327 ’60-’66 T-14 3spd synchro 232/258/290/304 ’68-’76 T-15 3spd synchro 304/360/390 ’68-’71 T-10 4spd synchro 290/343/360/390/401 ’66-’74 150-T 3spd synchro 258/304/360  ’74-’79 SR-4 4spd synchro 232/258/304 ’76-’81 T4 […]

AMC Myths

Separate the fact from the fiction regarding American Motors Corporation. Includes information and history on AMC engine development.

AMC Engine ID Information

AMC Engine ID tags are small thin metal tags attached with a Phillips screw on the passenger side valve cover facing the radiator. This tag will give you the engine build date and engine. Unlike other auto manufactures AMC did not have any numbers on a particular engine that corresponds to any numbers on a particular vehicle. Tags often […]