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1971 Turbo Gremlin

I had subscribed to Dick Datson’s AMC newsletter for a long time and in the early 1990’s he started talking about adding turbochargers to the AMC engines, it seemed like a good idea and a fairly easy way to get a substantial increase in power.

Randall 401 XR

AMC gave their “unofficial” approval and shipped Randall AMC 30 complete 401 engines. This was the beginning of the “Baddest” Gremlin ever. The Randall 401-XR Gremlin was born.

A Brief History of the Gremlin

Has everyone heard the story about the birth of the Gremlin? Here’s the way I heard it: One day in 1966, AMC Design Chief Richard Teague was on a commercial airline flight to Detroit mulling over ideas for the ‘new wave’ of subcompact cars that the Big Four were planning to compete with the VW […]