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Drag Illustrated EXCLUSIVEDIALED IN: Allan Kremkau’s ‘American Express’ AMC Gremlin

Allan Kremkau's AMC Gremlin 'American Express'

Matt Woodstrup's 1972 Gremlin X
gremlinx DIY steering wheel restoration project image

DIY AMC Gremlin X Steering Wheel Restoration

Gremlin X steering wheel restoration project: Learn how we gave new life to our old, dirty and well loved Gremlin X steering wheel. We'll take you through the process, share some helpful tips and include links to our favorite tutorials on the web.

AMC Transmissions

HRS 1 Gremlin

Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin

The Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin was equipped George Hurst's invention " Jaws of Life" and was designed to aid Rescue workers with crashes involving entrapment.


View our gallery of photos from May of 2002 of the Last AMC Dealership- Collier Motors in Pikeville, NC.

AMC Myths

Separate the fact from the fiction regarding American Motors Corporation. Includes information and history on AMC engine development.
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AMC Engine ID Information

AMC Engine ID tags are small thin metal tags attached with…

1972 Gremlin David McNatt

Owner: David McNatt  Dover, Delaware 401 V8 Automatic