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Drag Illustrated EXCLUSIVEDIALED IN: Allan Kremkau’s ‘American Express’ AMC Gremlin

Allan Kremkau's AMC Gremlin 'American Express'

Matt Woodstrup's 1972 Gremlin X
gremlinx DIY steering wheel restoration project image

DIY AMC Gremlin X Steering Wheel Restoration

Gremlin X steering wheel restoration project: Learn how we gave new life to our old, dirty and well loved Gremlin X steering wheel. We'll take you through the process, share some helpful tips and include links to our favorite tutorials on the web.

AMC Transmissions

HRS 1 Gremlin

Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin

The Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin was equipped George Hurst's invention " Jaws of Life" and was designed to aid Rescue workers with crashes involving entrapment.


View our gallery of photos from May of 2002 of the Last AMC Dealership- Collier Motors in Pikeville, NC.

AMC Myths

Separate the fact from the fiction regarding American Motors Corporation. Includes information and history on AMC engine development.

AMC Engine ID Information

AMC Engine ID tags are small thin metal tags attached with…

1972 Gremlin David McNatt

Owner: David McNatt  Dover, Delaware 401 V8 Automatic