Drag Illustrated EXCLUSIVEDIALED IN: Allan Kremkau’s ‘American Express’ AMC Gremlin

Allan Kremkau's AMC Gremlin 'American Express'

Matt Woodstrup's 1972 Gremlin X
HRS 1 Gremlin

Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin

The Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin was equipped George Hurst's invention " Jaws of Life" and was designed to aid Rescue workers with crashes involving entrapment.


View our gallery of photos from May of 2002 of the Last AMC Dealership- Collier Motors in Pikeville, NC.

1971 Turbo Gremlin

I had subscribed to Dick Datson’s AMC newsletter for a long time and in the early 1990’s he started talking about adding turbochargers to the AMC engines, it seemed like a good idea and a fairly easy way to get a substantial increase in power.

Gremlin Included in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame

On January 26, 2006, the #11 Levi’s Team Highball AMC Gremlin was placed in the museum of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame at the super speedway in Talladega, Alabama
AMC Randall 401 XR

Randall 401 XR

AMC gave their "unofficial" approval and shipped Randall AMC 30 complete 401 engines. This was the beginning of the "Baddest" Gremlin ever. The Randall 401-XR Gremlin was born.