AMC Randall 401 XR

Randall 401 XR

In 1972 Randall AMC of Mesa Arizona was already know as a Performance AMC Dealer when they sought  endorsement of a 401 Gremlin project from American Motors Corporation. AMC gave their “unofficial” approval and shipped Randall AMC 30 complete 401 engines. This was the beginning of the “Baddest” Gremlin ever. The Randall 401-XR Gremlin was born.

It was an idea that was sure to happen with the introduction of the 304 V8 Gremlin in 1972. The external dimensions of the 304 are identical to the 401, so that made the swap a breeze. Randall began with a 304 equipped Gremlin as a basis for the 401-XR. The main reason is for the heavier suspension and larger brakes, but the cross-member and motor mounts being for a V8 made this almost too easy.

You could call Grant Randall or Mike Randall at Randall American, place a order and pickup up your new car in a couple of weeks. They offered many different options, from basically a stock car with only the engine switch for $2995 to what ever you could dream up. Options include but are not limited to, 4 speed, Automatic, Headers, Twin Grip Rear, Handling Package, Disc Brakes, Cam Kits, High Rise Manifolds with the carburetor of your choice. The rear end ratio could be ordered with anything from a 2.87:1 to a 5.58:1. You could get a completely new gauge package which included a 160 mph speedometer.

Randall American promised a pure stock 401-XR Gremlin will run 13.90’s at 103-106 mph all for $2995. If you decked your car with all the performance goodies the numbers would improve to the 12.30’s at 114-117 mph.

Mike Randall has provided some of the information and photos for this article. Mike says they only built 20 of the cars for the street and 1 for the strip. They were built in 1972, 1973 and in 1974. All of the cars started out as 304 V8 cars.

Today Mike is in the boat business, but he still will build a AMC engine with all the tricks he learned in his years of AMC performance. He has just located one of the original 401-XR Gremlins which he plans to restore. He would like to have it complete and on display at the 2005 AMO Nationals which will be held in Atlanta, GA.. Below you will find copies of two different magazine articles on this car, take the time to read them, you will find them very interesting.

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  1. Jon fyock
    Jon fyock says:

    My 401 gremlin was a blast.more than one suffered the humiliation of losing their doors in a quick street altercation.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    I bought a 1973 Gremlin X, 304, 3 speed, AC and towing package (heavy duty suspension, 2:87, twin grip and extra cooling ) from the factory. I got it from the Buick AMC Dealer in Davenport, Iowa. The Dealer installed a 401 4bbl and 4 speed for an additional $895.00. If I remember correctly it was $3120.00 all in. It was a Corvette killer in sheep’s clothing and ran mid 12’s … Wow those were the days!

  3. Rocky Finlayson
    Rocky Finlayson says:

    Howdy…I’m a closet AMC fan…that grew up next to the AMC dealer in Sheridan, Wyoming from 1966-1970. Saw all the AMC hot rod stuff up thru October 1st of that year. So many moons later…I’m just on the edge of creeping up on roached out 73 Levi Edition Gremlin with a 6 shooter & stick. But…I’ve never forgotten about the magazine article I saw ‘decades’ ago related to the Randall Gremlin X. This all came back to my mind when I got my March 2019 Muscle Car Review that featured one. Now I’m ‘doubly’ determined to bring this roach-mobile home…and start the snooping for parts to make it a 401 stealth surprise tire-fryer. I’m just reaching out to anyone out there that has pieces & parts to make a 6 shooter version…into a 401 version with factory parts. Hope to hear from somebody else out there that’s into the weird & obscure (’cause somebody has to)! Rocky Finlayson/Central City, NE

  4. Robert A Raasch
    Robert A Raasch says:

    I located a 304 gremlins with 4 so in pretty good condition I like to find the stripes for 401 Dr car I plan to install 401 motor I bought a load of Mac parts from bs lesnewski when they were cleaning out business.tirns out old man wizzy bought everything from max warehouse when they went outa business I have set of heads and cross ram with mac cast into intake.also two 660 Holley on crossram.and bunch of other rare speed parts.i want a see when done if car is faster than my 69 factory 440 cuda


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