Collier Motors located in Pikeville N.C. and the last AMC Dealership. You have heard the rumors, or read about it on the list, here are a group of photographs taken in May of 2002.

The owner is Mr. Robert Collier he tells me he and his family had a long relationship with the AMC Corp. going back to the 1950’s but he choose to end it when Renault purchased part of AMC. Today I would by no means still consider it still a Dealership, but they still sell a few parts, but primarily like to sell complete cars. Mr. Collier shows up at various AMC car shows from time to time. He was in attendance in Kenosha for the 100th anniversary and a regular attendee at the shows hosted by Carolina AMC.

The famous Barry Goldwater AMX is today included in the cars owned by Mr. Collier as are 2 of the Alabama Highway Patrol Javelins. I have not seen, but he told me he also owned the Nash driven by Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger in the 1991 movie “The Marrying Man”.

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    • rod
      rod says:

      sweet im amazed there still places like this in america !!!please tell me how to get in touch with owner…if u can…..i live in the north east none of those cars look rusted to me !!thanx

  1. drvoo
    drvoo says:

    Look at the pics with the yellow Gremlin, somehow it has moved relative to the Pacer. Something strange going on… (tune Twilight Zone music)


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