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    It’s great to see the site back up! I used to have a post on the bravenet forums from some years back about my family legend Gremlin. We’ve been doing work on it here and there as time and money has allowed and finally have it to where we can go out and play in it every once in a while.

    1973 Gremlin X Levi’s
    Odometer 42098 miles currently (41688 when purchased for $200)
    258 I6 TF-904 Auto
    Clifford 6-8 4BBL intake
    Clifford header (old style you can’t buy anymore, I believe)
    As light as they get with no power steering, no power brakes, and no A/C

    Here is what has been done so far:
    Every piece of rubber in the suspension and steering has been replaced
    Brakes rebuilt including a new master cylinder
    Gas tank replaced, fuel delivery gone through
    New 390CFM Holley 4BBL on the Clifford 6=8 intake
    GM HEI distributer from a 250 I6 installed
    Tranny has been gone through, bands adjusted, etc
    New Wheels and tires with BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s all around
    Heavy front springs in front replaced a dangerous setup that used spring stretchers
    New shocks up front, coil overs where still in good shape in the back so I left them
    I’m just finishing up the final tweeks on a custom built throttle linkage that allows for the kickdown linkage to be attached

    What is up for getting done next:
    Needs a heater core still
    kickdown linkage attached and adjusted
    The rear end needs to get lifted about an inch (Any suggestions on best practice here?)
    If possible, I plan to put an ARB air locker in the rear end for those fun times 😉

    The entire interior needs to be gone through (saving this for last):
    New carpet
    Dashboard had a cover on it at one time and is covered in glue, I plan to cover it with black leather to match the custom seat job the previous owner did (grrrrr)
    All panels in the rear half of the car are out of it, some are broken, a piece or two are missing.
    4 point functional roll bar, fire extinguishers mounted to it
    Possibly modernize the seatbelts, maybe some sort of racing belts attached to the rollbar

    See the car here:

    The first attempt to start it 5 years ago after sitting since 1987

    Heading to the shop a couple years ago to get the suspension redone and tranny gone through. Me blathering about how awesome the car is (since then I’ve seen LOTS of nice clean 258 Gremlins on the internet.)

    Our first ride out of town last night. We went over a steep pass in the Rocky Mountains to the next town away from us for dinner. We called this the true maiden voyage, I was giddy like the only boy in a school full of girls. 🙂

    Someone asked me to show the dash lights in a video at one time so I did that, you can kind of see the interior and what has been done to it by the previous owner.

    I’m looking for advice on how to properly adjust the kickdown linkage if anyone might have some knowledge.

    Jason Kolpin

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