The Gremlin received new front and rear styling for 1974. A completely redesigned grille/headlight panel was used up front, as was a wider, free-standing bumper. A new telescoping bumper was added to the rear and the sheet metal around the rear bumper was smoothed. The two horizontal depressions on the rear sail panels were replaced with four smaller, vertical-angled indentations.

The “X” package striping was completely redesigned. The side stripes were now shaped like hockey sticks, and the sail panel indentations were integrated into the stripe. The rear indent panel decal was also enlarged so that it continued under the rear bumper and extended almost to the edge of the rear sail panel. These design elements all combined to make the Gremlin appear longer and more substantial than the previous models.

Powertrain availability was more or less the same as in 1973, though a bit of rear axle ratio juggling did take place. A new “Rallye-X” package was offered, which included a dash-mounted tachometer (appearing in the right-most pod of the three-pod instrument panel borrowed from the Hornet), oil pressure and ammeter gauges, front sway bar for six-cylinder models, and “blacked out” instrument panel and steering column.

Drew Beck


1974 Production Totals

1974 171,128 0 156,991 14,137 0 171,128
New and Notable for 1974
  • AM/FM stereo radio with 4 speakers
  • Rallye X package – tach, oil and amp gauges, front disc brakes, sway bar, available only with “X” package
  • Extra quiet insulation package
  • Electric rear window defogger