For 1977, the Gremlin received its first major restyling. The front end of the car was shortened by four inches with all new sheet metal, grille and bumper. The rear of the car was also completely restyled with a new, larger glass hatch and enlarged taillights. The gas filler cap was moved behind the rear license plate, eliminating the exposed gas cap.
(The exposed gas caps, with their embossed Gremlin character, was a favorite target of vandals. Back when Gremlins were a common sight on the roadways, it seemed like every other one was missing its gas cap, which was generally replaced with a rag stuffed into the filler neck!).

At the beginning of the year, Gremlins were limited to six-cylinder motivation, including the standard 232 and an optional 258 with revised valve timing and two-barrel carburetor. At mid-year, a 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine designed by Porsche/Audi was made available. This engine featured an overhead camshaft and an aluminum cross-flow head. Also optional was a new Borg-Warner 4-speed manual transmission for both four- and six-cylinder cars.

The “X” package received a new striping treatment, where the side stripes appeared to split into two upswept segments near the rear of the car. Gremlins equipped with the Custom trim package gained side stripes that looked a lot like the old “hockey stick” stripes on previous “X” models.

Drew Beck


1977 Production Totals

1977 46,171 7,558 38,613 0 0 46,171
Notable Changes for 1977
  • New sloping grille
  • Bigger tail-lights
  • Larger rear Lift-up window
  • Hidden Fuel Filler
  • V8 engine option was discontinued
  • The 258 cubic inch 6 cylinder 2 barrel added as an option
  • A four speed was available as an option