What was included with the AMC Gremlin X Package?

The mission of this page is to put to rest all the myths and misinformation about The AMC Gremlin X package.  A special shout out to Facebook friend and fellow Gremlin enthusiast Kurt Spitzner for compiling what might be the most complete and extensive collection of Gremlin X package specific material.  I’ll be adding photos and details from my extensive media collection as time permits so please come back to see updates or subscribe for site updates to be notified whenever there’s new content!

Availability of the Gremlin X package

AMC Gremlin X package – model application

1971 1972 1973 1974* 1975 1976 1977** 1978
Gremlin Sedan (base)
Gremlin Custom Sedan

*Indicates that late 1973 cars were built to 1974 spec..
**Late (2.0 motor introduction) Gremlin X were Gremlin Custom